Signature Talk

I love to speak about health and wellness and how simple changes can make a huge impact. My signature talk is title “Feel your best, do your best” and addresses simple changes we can make on a daily basis to improve our health and wellness. This includes diet, lifestyle and mindset tips.

Health and Wellness Talks

Just as I love group coaching, I love to lead health and wellness inspired talks. To be surrounded by open-minded. health-conscious individuals is energizing and motivating.

Besides my signature talk, I offer a talk on the benefits of a guided sugar detox. We often don’t realize how much hidden sugar we are consuming and the havoc it is wreaking in our systems. From chronic inflammation, to blood sugar imbalances, sugar is not our friend. This doesn’t mean we can’t ever have it, it just means we need to be aware of how much we are consuming. Did you know there are over 60 names for sugar?

A third topic that I love to present on is reducing your toxic load with or without an added DIY portion. Did you know it is super simple to make your own cleaning products? Synthetic fragrances are one of the easiest things to eliminate in our homes with a massive positive impact. There are studies that prove synthetic fragrances are detrimental to our health, so this is a great area to foucs on.

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