I’m so glad you are here. Chances are, if you have found me, you are focused on changing your health. Kudos to you for taking that first step! Changing lifestyle habits and our diets can be overwhelming which is why I focus on making small changes at a time. My specialty is women’s health with a focus on weight loss, mood management and balancing our hormones. So if this is your struggle, you’re in the right place!

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Start Here

Work with Me

Personal Consultation

Are you searching for answers? Looking for solutions for your health? Just want to feel better? My goal is to guide you, coach you, and teach you to know where to find the answers…and the answers start with you! When we work together, we start by looking at your current lifestyle including your diet, your stress levels, your sleep habits, your activity level and your environment. We then start with the basics! Curious how we could work together? Book a free 15 minute phone call and let’s chat!

Group Coaching

There is something so special when you bring together likeminded individuals with the common goal of better health. The energy and vibe becomes one of positivity, encouragement and support. This is why I am so passionate about group coaching.

My group coaching program is called the Whole You Reboot and it is a 30 day holistic weight loss program that is about so much more than just weight loss. In order for us to create lasting results, we re-align the body/mind/spirit connection. We must also address the root cause of the weight to begin with. Curious if this program is for you? Book a free 15 minute phone call and let’s chat!


Just as I love group coaching, I love to lead health and wellness related workshops. My signature talk is titled “Feel your best, do your best” and addresses simple changes you can make for maximum impact. We all know that when we feel good, we show up to life in a completely different way.

Other topics include the benefits of a sugar detox, reducing your toxic load which may or may not include a DIY portion. Interested in having me come speak at your next event? Reach out via the booking link or email.


Have you ever wanted to run your own business? Do you have your own business in the health and wellness industry and want to add a second income stream? For the past 5 years I have been building a successful business with doTERRA Essential Oils and am always looking to partner with highly driven, motivated, coachable and committed individuals. If you have been itching to find a way to help more people and at the same time reach your goals, this may be for you. Book a free 15 mintue phone call with me to see if this would be a great fit for you. No experience is required.

What People Are Saying

“Love Natalie’s 60 day reboot program. It is easy to follow and you are eating healthy food! I feel more energized, less bloated and just healthier all around.”


Natalie’s program helped me change my habits, release weight and gain back my energy. I feel more like myself. Encouragement from positive people helps to keep you strong! Do this for yourself like I did! You deserve it!



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Why can’t we ditch the sugar?

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