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I work with women who are serious about changing their health and wealth and are ready to take massive action to become the healthiest, happiest, most vibrant versions of themselves.
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Work with Me

Personal Consultation

A personal consultation gives us the opportunity to work with your specific health goals. Whether it is weight loss, hormone balancing, immune building, or overall wellness, we will design a plan that meets your needs. We look at diet, lifestyle, and supplementation to create a well-rounded, personal daily protocol for you.

Holistic Weight Loss Program

A 60-day weight loss program designed with the whole person in mind. We focus on the body-mind-spirit connection for lasting results. This program can be completed as a one-on-one program or as a group program. Group programs launch quarterly. Next group start day is Saturday, October 18th. 

Lunch and Learn

Support your employees in their health and wellness journeys through our signature 21-day sugar detox program. This program will help individuals adopt healthier eating habits along with healthy lifestyle habits. This program will leave your employees feeling more energetic, healthier, and lighter! Book your lunch and learn, today!

Private In-Home Group Workshops

Are you and your friend interested in learning about natural health in a relaxing environment? Book an in-home group workshop today! Topics include an introduction to natural health, women’s health, baby and toddler health, etc. We can customize a topic for your needs. We can also arrange a “do-it-yourself” evening, where you learn how to make your own products using pure, natural, and safe ingredients.

I built a Network Marketing Business and I mentor women through building businesses that way.
If you are thinking of potentially starting your own business, you can talk to me for a Free Consultation.

What People Are Saying

“Love Natalie’s 60 day reboot program. It is easy to follow and you are eating healthy food! I feel more energized, less bloated and just healthier all around.”


Natalie’s program helped me change my habits, release weight and gain back my energy. I feel more like myself. Encouragement from positive people helps to keep you strong! Do this for yourself like I did! You deserve it! C.Y.


I love Natalie’s weekly workshops! It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and join a supportive community.


“Working with Natalie is such a peaceful experience. I can

tell that she genuinely loves helping people, and I love that she draws on her own experiences as well.

Knowing that Natalie has been through the same journey

and struggle and is living her best life proves to me that I can do it too.

The Whole You Reboot revitalized my energy too.

I’m so grateful for her compassion, support, guidance and courage.”


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